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Another day, another lump


I am so fucking sick of this shit. Is this part of the disease to find another lump on a different breast. I have been taking Ibrance, Anastrozole and Zometa for this disease. I've changed my diet since I have been diagnosed 3 years ago along with supplementation prescribed by doctors. I exercise and managed to build more cardiovascular resistance than before. 3 RADS!! I just want to punch my oncologist.


  • mozuke1
    mozuke1 Member Posts: 39

    I am so sorry. I just came to commiserate. I, too, have changed my diet and made exercise a priority. I figure the things that are supposed to keep early-stagers from having a recurrence should help possibly slow the rate of spread for me. I’ve lulled myself in to a false sense of having some control over this ridiculous disease.

  • lotusnoiramethyst
    lotusnoiramethyst Member Posts: 19

    I am so sorry you are going through this bullshit disease too. If I was by myself, this wouldn't hit me so hard. But with a husband who has been traumatized by my disease, I have not told him yet. He has been with me through thick and thin.And the financial/time issues related to this bullshit...he stresses me on just doing stuff on my bucket list but I am not ready yet. Something inside me is telling me its not my time yet. But what the fuck do I know?