Does anyone know anything about milk fistulas after biopsy?

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Hi all, I had a core needle biopsy for a suspicious lump (I found out later they rated it BIRADS 4B). It was a lactating adenoma, which fortunately is benign.

Unfortunately, I now have a milk fistula. I am breastfeeding and it sounds like the needle from the biopsy hit a duct. I'm gushing milk from the incision site and am on antibiotics to clear an infection there.

Does anyone know anything about milk fistulas — how to manage or treat them, or have you had one?

I'm waiting to see a specialist (radiologist told me to follow up with my primary care doctor for a referral) and figure out a plan. I'm not finding a ton of info online about it and the doctors I've spoken to so far do not have experience with this..