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Onco recommends stopping Tamox at year longer 10 years..

beach2beach Member Posts: 245


I'm 5 years out, had double mastectomy no chemo or radiation. Er/Pr+ Her2-. Have been on tamoxifen since 2017 and see onco every 6 months. In the beginning it was said I would be on tamoxifen until menopuase then switch to an AI until a full 10 years of hormonal therapy was done. At my last onco visit in December she told me since I was early stage and low oncotype (9) that the new thinking is that 7 years in enough.

I'm nervous about that. Like losing a security blanket. ....

Anyone else's oncologist mention less than 10 years?


  • m_and_g
    m_and_g Member Posts: 10

    Six months ago, my Oncologist at MD Anderson recommended taking AIs for 5 years only. I was surprised due to the fact that most of the ladies on this site are taking them for 7, 10, and even longer. He stated that MD Anderson was not in agreement with the studies suggesting longer than 5 years. I do not know if this is for my particular type of cancer or if this was their recommendation for all of their patients. I would be interested to know. I am ER+ PR+ HR-, with a KI67 of 2. I am also starting my 4th year of AIs so one year to completion. I am scared but my body has had enough.