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Pain in breast and back

priyankaprakash Member Posts: 4
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I experience on and off pain in my left breast, arms, and sharp pain at one specific point in the back behind my breast.. this happens every month on and off.. have been to doctors who haven't felt lumps, ultrasound is Birad 1.. I also found a slight dimple on my left breast. Going to my doctor in two days, but I'm so scared and mind is not at peace. Anyone in a similar boat or have been through this with outcomes? Please share so I can be prepares


  • priyankaprakash
    priyankaprakash Member Posts: 4

    eric - in both of your pockets, be careful driving to Phoenix.

    Dinner last night never happened, DH was not feeling super and also worked late. He had a restless night and had a sore throat this morning and felt meh. I whipped out a COVID test but it was negative, and he felt well enough after a warm shower to go to work. Who knows what the evening will bring, but I had planned sausage and peppers last night and now for tonight! Also a cole slaw made from shaved Brussels sprouts and maybe sweet potato fries.

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    In case this helps anyone who is in the middle of making decisions, tamoxifen vs AI. Here is the interview with my former MO:

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  • priyankaprakash
    priyankaprakash Member Posts: 4

    I'm just jumping in to second Jsniffs comments: the ESR1 mutation is a mutation of the estrogen receptor that gives it strong activity even in the absence of any estrogen. It is not usually found in primary tumors, but rather is one of the various ways that the estrogen receptor escapes from exposure to aromatase inhibitors. Faslodex/Fulvestrant can partially inhibit some of these ESR1 mutations but does not work well on some of the most common ones, and so far almost all of the SERDs tested have been found to inhibit cancers with ESR1 mutations much better than Faslodex does. So far only one SERD, Camizestrant, was clearly better than fulvestrant even on MBCs with the normal estrogen receptor (and it was even stronger than fulvestrant when measured on cancers with ESR1 mutations). My understanding is that the ESR1 mutation quickly goes to undetectable with SERD treatment, and then is usually a non-issue for subsequent treatments.

    PS All SERDs work better on cancers that responded well to prior CDK4,6 inhibitors, that doesn't have anything particular to do with ESR1 mutations, but rather is just an indication that the cancer depends on the estrogen receptor to grow

  • priyankaprakash
    priyankaprakash Member Posts: 4

    I just wanted to post an update. So my breast oncologist was very confident that my cysts (even though one is complex) was nothing to worry about. She asked me to make some dietary changes, prescribed primrose and vitamin e. It’s been about 2-3 weeks since but the pain in my breast and back remains. She has asked me to do a rescan in 1.5 months, meanwhile im also goign to a orthopaedic to get my back pain checked even though I feel it is radiating from my breast.

    Keep me in your prayers

  • tagety
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    Hey PriyankaPrakash,

    Please do get a second opinion. It definitely helps.

    All the best!

  • weninwi
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    For over several years, pre menopause, I periodically developed painful cysts in either breast, but usually the left. I saw a breast surgeon who always drained the cysts (did an aspirate) with a very thin needle. The procedure was quick, didn't hurt much, and as soon as the cyst was drained the pain stopped immediately. The cysts were always filled with a dark green fluid - strange to me, but not the surgeon. The surgeon would have me return in a couple of months for follow-up to make sure the cyst had not returned. I was told that if a cyst returned he would removed it. I was also encouraged to take Vit E and primrose, but I don't think they made much difference. Reducing my caffeine intake however did help. I agree with tagety's suggestion to get a second opinion.