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Fibroglandular parenchyma, benign mass, dense breasts?

vhorn16 Member Posts: 1


The breasts are heterogeneously dense, which may obscure small masses


The area of concern in the 5:00 breast 9 cm from the nipple correlates with benign fibroglandular parenchyma on diagnostic mammography and targeted ultrasound. A benign mass is also present in the middle 3rd of the upper inner breast. There is no evidence of suspicious masses, calcifications, or other abnormal findings in the right breast.


There is no evidence of suspicious masses, calcifications, or other abnormal findings in the left breast.


Right breast assessment: Benign.

Left breast assessment: Benign..

Routine Screening Mammogram at age 40 is recommended for both breasts.

Overall BI-RADS category: 2 - Benign

I also have tons of very tender lymph nodes surrounding both breasts all the way around that started being noticably tender and palpable 3 weeks ago.

Dr did mammogram and ultrasound and only said, "good news! everything is fine, see you when you turn 40!"

But like.. okay.... What is wrong then?


  • karcambs
    karcambs Member Posts: 2

    I am 66 just diagnosed with stage 1a. Not to scare you but only found on MRI. Have dense breast mammogram ultrasound should nothing. Had cystic breast my whole life. I was having intermittent pain which they believe has nothing to do with the cancer. I followed up with my PCP to check my heart all good. My PCP recommended I see oncologist because they are the only ones who can order MRI. I am very low risk other than dense breast. I saw NP oncology and fortunately she ordered the MRI which showed something suspicious. After that had a guided MRI biospy which found a very tiny clumped tumor that was invasive and removed totally by the core biopsy. When i had lumpectomy there was no invasive left but DCIS on margin. I am triple positive do will need treatment for all. My advise to you is try to get MRI. It is the only way to know for sure. They have a fast MRI for women with dense breast which is not covered by insurance but nowhere near as expensive as the regular MRI. My obgyn recommends that for women with dense breast. The cost is around $300-500, Not too much for piece of mind.