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Ibc concern

sj089 Member Posts: 3
edited February 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi everyone, I'm posting of concerns of my mom. She noticed around 5 days ago a bite below her nipple. She also seemed what to be a bite on her upper chest as well. The bite on her upper chest is just a small scab now, but the bite under her nipple is red. The redness has seemed to have lightened up a bit. It's only one bump in the middle. She said her nipple is slightly sore, but she thinks it's from the bandaid she had on it. She said her skin doesn't seem thicker, no orange look, her breast isn't hard and heavy feeling, she said it's not hot to the touch and her breasts both feel the same, she feels otherwise fine. She did say however that the "bite" does itch once in a while. It’s smooth when felt with a bump right in the center I'm really concerned for her. The redness has not spread. Google has been a terrible thing for me. She did thankfully book a dr appt for tomorrow, so hopefully it's nothing but my anxiety making something small into something big. It's hard to find solid info on how IBC started for anyone. I know everyone is different. But wouldn't in the five days that she's had this, wouldn't it have progressed more? I e read IBC progresses quite rapidly