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Anxiety is real

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Hello all wonderful women..I am new but not new. I have been lurking and posting occasionally for several years. My story started 26 years ago when my mom was diagnosed with BC at age 46. I was 26 and newly married. I am not sure what kind of breast cancer she had but it went from zero to 60 fast. It was so aggressive. She passed away at 49. I went into total prevent mode. I had breast reduction to limit the density. I had genetic testing that was negative. I did so many self exams that I actually bruised myself. Then, I had made peace with it. I was not going to live past 40, so I stopped everything. I went to my OB/ GYN for my yearly checks but that was it. I did not get my baseline Mammo until I was 40. I got callbacks every time for years because of scar tissue. I had one biopsy that was a scar tissue. I have went to the same breast center for years and I have made it to 52 with only a yearly screening. By the grace of God. I had a total hysterectomy last year. For some reason, I do not qualify for the high risk program. My mom had three sisters that all lived past 80 without cancer. My maternal grandmother had a double mastectomy in the early 1970s. She was 63. No chemo or radiation. She lived to the age of 91. I had my annual screening yesterday and I am driving myself crazy waiting. There are so many strong women fighting on this site. My prayers for all that have been effected by the beast.




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    Candy, hard as it is, you need to feel comfortable with what you do. I guess, and you probably know, do you prefer to get surgery that will have the likely result of relieving pain or would that discomfort of worrying about cancer cells leaving the site and travelling make it better to put up with the pain. Get all the the info unless you have it all, make the best qol for you. I am not going to presume to suggest something you would be dealing, just in your pocket for whatever you decide to do.

    Well, I did walk to and from the hospital. Still get tired but not overly so. Got the results of the MRI to check my brain. I still have an enhancement showing but she said she does not think it is cancer at this point. It is a little more intense but nothing else so she considers me NED since no cancer is visible. I did request PT if possible and she has to find out if this is covered by my province medical coverage. I need exercises specific to building strength to get up if I fall. Squats and all those are find but I need help with how to avoid pitching forward if I do it from the hands and knees. RO will get in touch with me and gave a prescription for some PT so we will see. Now that I can relax ordered a treat for dinner, Mc Donalds Big Mac. Have not ordered anything all month so figure once is not a problem.

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    Ugh.. anxiety. The word itself gives me anxiety! In all seriousness, anxiety is real and I really am envious of those that manage it so well, bc admittedly, I have so much trouble managing it myself. Over the years, I’ve just learned to breathe and to try to live in the present moment. Easier said than done, I know… blah blah blah. Some days are better than others. Please know that you’re not alone. PTSD/ health anxiety is a beast. Don’t be afraid to ask your doc for something to calm you, as there’s no shame in doing so. Whatever helps you, go for it. I don’t have any other words of wisdom to give you, but please know that I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. Your feelings are valid.