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One view findings - going back for more images

larlaw77 Member Posts: 1
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I've been getting mammograms every year since I was 40. I was called back on my first (ultrasound plus mri) and it all turned out well. Got called back for the same spot a year later and was investigated again and it was well. I started HRT when I was 42 due to premature menopause and my gyno wants to keep me on it until I'm 50. I'm 45 now and have once again received a call back for the same breast I've been called back on before. This time they said there was an area of density on one view that wasn't on the other - I actually saw the 2 images when they did the mammogram and it was plain as day to me so I was expecting a call. My dr said its most likely overlapping tissue or a fold. Is this pretty common - anything to be overly concerned about. I have health anxiety and its been pretty bad in the past (I didn't get out of bed for 2 days before my mri - I was terrified). I'm in a better place now but still concerned. Thanks!


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    Hi, I hope you have researched your imaging concerns, as a member of my family had symptoms I also suggested she do research and then go to the doctor so that you have some basic information.

    this thread really helped her, because there are different resources mentioned.

    Common Questions and Symptoms related to Imaging concerns