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Pale Stool


Ok, can someone give me some good reasons for Pale stools. Dr Google is not helping. I have clay like stool. I had it before about 4 months ago, and my doctor added ca19 to my tests. It was normal last December. In the last week, almost daily I have one bout of very pale stool and I don't like Dr Google. I have messaged my doctor but I wanted to know if anyone has had any similar experience that turned out to be normal.


  • lw422
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  • meow13
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    Had my GB removed in January no problems. Never had pale stool but my liver enzymes were off and they couldn't determine a mass at the fundus. Turned out to be a gallstone. Been 2 months and I feel fine and can eat what I want.

  • wallycat
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    Medications and diet can affect stool; don't forget supplements, things like metamucil, etc.

  • mavericksmom
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    I had my gallbladder removed in 2004 and had pale poo about 5 years ago. I was panicked, it looked as if I had just had a barium study. Called my gastroenterologist. He asked if I had pain? No, was I nauseated? No, then he said don't worry about it. If you start to have abdominal pain or nausea or if it stays pale call me, otherwise you will be fine!" No issues since.

    I hope this helps.

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    hey all, I got the answer. It is my Calcium which I was prescribed for my osteoporosis (most probably caused by lack of estrogen). My oncologist said pale stools are worrisome if they are accompanied by urine that is the color of black tea. I reduced my calcium intake and it seems OK now.