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Breast Lump Concern

mforest Member Posts: 1
edited March 2023 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

Hi, found a small firm round breast lump on monthly self exam. Over a couple hours it got less than I could not feel it anymore. Three days later still can't feel anything although the spot is tender from me trying to find it. Yearly mammogram 3 months ago was normal. Should I ask for mammogram/ultrasound. Should I be concerned about cancer?


  • rrobin0200
    rrobin0200 Member Posts: 80

    in my opinion, ANY finding should be evaluated by a medical professional. What’s the harm in getting it checked out? Often times, appointments can be weeks out, so if I were you, I personally would get on the schedule. If you can’t feel it any longer, it could possibly be a cyst due to monthly hormonal changes, but why risk it? Better safe than sorry. That’s just what I would do, but I’m more of a cautious type. Please keep us updated. Well wishes being sent your way.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,074

    Hi mforest, and welcome to We are sorry that these changes to your breast have brought you to our discussion forums, and glad that you reached out.

    As rrobin says, many times these masses that change in size throughout the month turn out to be cysts related to your cycle, and depend on hormones changes, so try not to worry too much.

    Anyway, please update us if you go to your doctor and let us know what you learn.

    Thinking of you,

    The Mods