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Anyone have symptoms of fibroadenoma or cysts like this?

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Hi All,

I went to the GP 2 weeks ago with a firm but mobile lump on left breast, a few cm. I was referred to breast clinic and waiting on appt which should take apprx 3 weeks. I was curious to know with do cysts or fibroadenoma start off with the following symptoms.
NowI have multiple mobile lumps that have sprung up from nowhere they range from pea size and to walnut size. I also have armpit pain, lymph nodes feel raised, pain behind nipple and part of my chest feels hard.
Does anyone have/had these symptoms at all?


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    Hi purple010, we're sorry to hear about what you are going through. Cystic breasts are not uncommon, and we are routing for all to be benign. Do these changes to your breast correspond to hormonal changes in your life (e.g. menopause)? Please keep us posted, and hope you get in soon(er) as we understand the waiting is always quite difficult! We're here for you, The Mods