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Anyone been taking Verzenio?


I found out today that I will start on an AI drug along with Verzenio after I finish my radiation in about 6 weeks. I am reading about Verzenio and it is pretty daunting reading about all the possible side effects. Anyone taking it now that could share their experience? Also, how did you get it paid for since it is stupid expensive.




  • mvspaulding
    mvspaulding Member Posts: 163
    edited March 22

    Thanks so much for that info. I checked it out.

  • bigote23
    bigote23 Member Posts: 2

    I am meeting with the oncology pharmacist tomorrow to discuss starting Verzenio in addition to Arimidex. It was recommended by the oncologist as an "extra layer of protection" to keep the cancer from returning. My Ki67 was 20%. I am very fearful of the side effects especially diarrhea. I have looked at the Monarch study and the potential benefits with Verzenio. Has anyone recently started on it? How have you managed the side effects?

    Thank You

  • threetree
    threetree Member Posts: 982

    Re getting it paid for, my facility turned in an application to Eli Lilly and it was approved. They use some sort of income threshold and since I'm not "rolling in it" I qualified. I'd suggest that you check with your clinic to see if they too would turn in some sort of application like mine did.

  • vlnrph
    vlnrph Member Posts: 447

    Please consider moving this discussion to the link provided above by maggie15. None of the CDK 4/6 inhibitors are immunotherapy agents so this forum is not the correct place for Q&A regarding them.

    I had a good run on abemaciclib for metastatic disease. A dose reduction was key in being able to tolerate it. Diarrhea was managed by taking 2 calcium polycarbophil (FiberCon) tablets at noon daily. Look for it, ironically, in the laxative section. Some people use psyllium/Metamucil instead.

    With commercial insurance, my co-pay was zero. Once I went on a Medicare Part D plan, I paid $50 every 4 weeks.