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Oncotype Score

amgraz1982 Member Posts: 4

I recently had a lumpectomy for Stage 2 ILC which was ER/PR+ HER2-. Tumor was 29mm. There was a micrometasticts found in 1 of 3 lymph nodes. I am 41 years old.

I received my Oncotype report today and am hoping others may be able to comment or share their story with similar results and what treatment they moved forward with. My RS was 20 however my risk of recurrence after 9 years is 17% (which I thought was high based on my score). It also stated CT benefit for this group cannot be excluded. My appointment with my medical oncologist is nearly 2 weeks out.

Thanks in advance for any insight or feedback you may have


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    Hi amgraz1982, and welcome to!

    We're so very sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but we're so glad you've found us. You're sure to find our incredible community a wonderful source of advice, information, encouragement, and support -- we're all here for you!

    We know others will be by shortly to weigh in with their thoughts on treatment with a similar oncotype result. If there's anything we Moderators can do to help you find more information, please let us know!

    --The Mods

  • maggie15
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    amgraz1982, Since nobody else has replied I'll chime in with my similar but slightly different situation. My stats are stage 2A ER+PR+/HER2-(FISH) , tumor size 32mm, micromets in 1/3 nodes, intermediate Oncotype (24) like you. However my tumor was IDC, LVI positive and I was diagnosed at age 69. I also had a lumpectomy and whole breast/axillary radiation. I was on the chemo borderline for my age and declined it since my MO's opinion was I could go either way. Given your age chemo will probably be recommended followed by radiation and hormonal therapy. It would be nicer to avoid this but the treatments are all doable and will decrease the risk of recurrence. There is a great deal of general information on this site. If you read up some before your MO appointment you can ask intelligent questions. Once you know what your exact treatments will be there are plenty of threads available to get information and support from others undergoing the same treatment. All the best going forward!

  • hipline
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    I was also Stage II ILC when diagnosed and while node negative I did have an aggressive Ki67 score (>30%), vascular invasion and pleomorphic. My onco score was 16, age 52. I had a mastectomy followed by 7 years of adjuvant therapy but no chemo. I am entering year 13!

    Everyone is so unique that I suggest you download the Questions to Ask Your Doctor from the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance and just have a candid discussion with your oncologist. Chemo very well may be recommended but you can ask questions about what to expect, how to best deal with side effects and make a plan that works for you. Sending you the best of wishes.

  • amgraz1982
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    Thank you so much for your insight and response. I’m not sure what the recommendation will be in regard to chemo but it does make me feel better to hear about the experience of others so thank you again:

  • amgraz1982
    amgraz1982 Member Posts: 4
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    Thank you for that and the link to questions to ask my doc will definitely help me prepare for my appointment