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Leg pains after Chemotherapy


Hello, I have been having leg pains since the last dose of chemo. Never had it during the chemo, it only started during the 3rd week after completing chemo. Not sure if it is muscle pain or bone pain? Anyone had similar experience?


  • debal
    debal Member Posts: 600
    edited April 2023

    hi hn

    I completed 4 doses of Cytoxan Taxotere 5 years ago. Yes, I felt the same way. Chemo side effects are cumulative. It definitely takes awhile to find your new normal. I also recall my legs feeling HEAVY, like dragging around lead weights around my ankles. Could barely put one foot in front of the other on walks. That occurred several weeks after chemo and went away after a few weeks. I'm glad the chemo is behind you. Stay hydrated, be as active as you can, and still rest when you need to. It takes awhile. Best wishes to you

  • hn
    hn Member Posts: 31
    edited April 2023

    Yes, I did feel same way too, like dragging my legs. I hope this goes away same way like you.

    Thanks for your response, it was helpful.

    Wishing you good health 🙏