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Chemo and Tamoxifen or Lupron and Letrezole

amgraz1982 Member Posts: 4

I met with my MO yesterday and her recommendation for treatment was either 4 rounds of T & C chemo and 10 years of tamoxifen or ovarian suppression and AI (letrezole) for 5 years.

She did say the chemo may be over treatment for my case however because I have concerns with my ability to complete 5 years of suppression and AI due to the challenges I experienced with many different birth controls, the chemo would offer me additional protection should I decide to come off the hormone therapy. I also understand that the chemo will put me into menopause as well.

I am not sure what to do. I believe that I will likely struggle with either tamoxifen and AI ( although I think AI will be harder for me based on things that I've read) so I'm trying to decide if I put myself through chemo to give me that added protection in case I truly can't handle it or not.

Hoping others can share their experiences with either or. Also, i plan to do radiation as well once this decision has been made. Feeling very anxious about this decision


  • snailpwr
    snailpwr Member Posts: 9


    I am in your position now. What did you decide to do?

    Thank you