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Thyroid panel and A1C and confused a little


Had my physical a few weeks ago and since my oncologist checks so much of my stuff my doctor only pulled a Lipid and thyroid panel along with an A1c. They seemed okay for the most part but I am wondering if some of it may signal some upcoming trouble? I've been on AI's and an ovarian suppressor for five months now. Anyway last September my cholesterol was normal. It's risen to total being 200 with the culprit responsible for my rise being my LDL's. They rose more than 20 points to now being 121. My HDL is 64 though. I eat pretty good so no helping it there and exercise every day. You think I can expect it to continue to rise? My A1c was weirdly normal and I say weirdly because I know I have glucose insensitivity. But I don't think there is anything else I can do to chase that down right now considering my normal result (5.3%). My thyroid panel seems normal although low normal for everything but T3 Uptake. That was low at 22%. What can cause that and is there anything I can do to correct? Should I be concerned? TSH was 1.76, T4 was 5.5, and free thyroxine was 1.2. Thought I'd see if anyone here can shed some light. Thank you so much!


  • weninwi
    weninwi Member Posts: 762
    edited April 2023


    Regarding your questions about cholesterol and LDL: I just watched a recent YouTube Video on the topic. Dr. Ken Berry's Proper Human Diet podcast - streamed April 12, 2023 - Dr Berry interviewed David Diamond PhD - title "High Cholesterol is Healthy". I know there is seemingly endless, confusing, and contradictory dietary information and advice available, but I thought this discussion was particularly good since it focused specifically on cholesterol and LDL. The information and studies David Diamond presented may help clarify your understanding of the topic. It helped me understand my recent lipid panel results.

  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 999
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    As far as the thyroid panel goes, AIs have not been shown to affect thyroid levels while tamoxifen has been shown to cause subclinical hypothyroidism which generally improves without treatment after about a year. If someone takes synthetic thyroid it often has to be adjusted when AIs are started.

    My endocrinologist is not concerned about my very variable thyroid hormone levels as long as they are not too far out of normal range. T3 uptake actually measures the binding capacity of TBG rather than the level of any specific thyroid hormone. At 22% yours is not far from the 25 - 35 % normal range. As long as your TSH is normal (0.5 - 5) you should be fine. The other measurements are useful in figuring out why a TSH level is abnormal.

  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 410
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    Thank you Weni and Maggie! I will definitely watch the you tube video and I appreciate the clarification on the thyroid panel. Keeping track of everything and when you need to worry versus letting it go is still something I'm trying to manage.