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Concerning symptoms but clear ultrasound

tcap Member Posts: 1
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34yr old female with family history of breast cancer. Issues only in left breast. Dull ache in outer section of breast near underarm. Small pea lump discovered after two weeks of pain. Breast exam at doctors fine expect for swollen lymph nodes on left side. Sent for ultrasound. Cyst found in left breast but otherwise ultrasound was clear. Day after ultrasound left breast is larger than right and a dimple has appeared in the lower section of the breast. I love regionally so services in town are limited, but should I seek a second opinion? Have someone else review my ultrasound?


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    Hi tcap, we're so sorry you find yourself here with this worry. Did the doctor order just an ultrasound, or was any other diagnostic testing done, such as a mammogram? It's never a bad thing to seek a second opinion, particularly if you have concerns that were not assuaged or if additional symptoms present after the first appointment. If you're able, we recommend seeing a breast specialist, or a provider who has extensive experience in breast changes and breast cancer screenings. Your ultrasound being clear is very good news, but if you're experiencing new or worsening symptoms, further testing might be warranted.

    Please keep us posted on how it goes!

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