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More tests scheduled

tamtam Member Posts: 8
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Hi everyone

Well I'm back again, I know it's not where we want to be but if we have to be somewhere for support this has always been the best place to come for it.

I have been here before in the past years with worries of cysts and complex cysts in both breasts where I have gone through Ultrasounds, Mammograms and MRI's. I am 57 and I have breast density C which always seems to be an issue when reports come back saying they can't see everything through the density.

I am now back with more worries but this time it has to do with swollen lymph nodes in my axillary, it started best guesstimate about a year ago I started feeling a rubbery patch in my armpit fold but it wasn't sore or red so I figured it was like a patch of fat. Fast forward to about two months ago I started to see lymph nodes swell below the rubbery patch going down the left side of my breast, they are not sore or red they are just swollen and they haven't gone down at all. I made a Doctors appointment and they scheduled a ultrasound and the results are a bit worrisome but would like the opinion of others? I have highlighted in yellow what worries me and would like to know what you ladies think?
Since this ultrasound was done I have had a mammogram and it has come back clear and said come back in a year. I wasn't comfortable with that since lymph nodes still swollen so asked Doctor if something else can be done? He has referred me to a General surgeon and the General Surgeon has asked for a Dedicated ultrasound of the left breast and blood work before I go see surgeon. What is your take on the ultrasound results? Any help would be greatly appreciated 😊


The left axilla contains a slightly hyperechoic oval structure measuring 1.4 x 0.9 x1.1 cm, hypochoic centrally, not typical of a benign lymph node. A second similar finding measures 2.4 × 1.2 × 2 cm, is slightly lobulated and contains a fatty hilum.

Small cysts in the left breast at 12:00, 0.3, and 2:00, 0.5 cm are noted. The 2:00 cyst demonstrates slight septation

The right breast contains simple cysts at 10:00 and 9:00 measuring 0.4 cm each


No suspicious breast mass identified.

Two Left axillary lymph nodes are nontypical, one slightly enlarged. Significance is

uncertain. Mammography was negative in January 2022. It would be prudent to repeat

mammography. There is no visible mass around the left elbow.

(Sorry tried to post report but showed up blurry


  • mountainmia
    mountainmia Member Posts: 857
    edited April 2023

    Sorry for your worries. I can barely read it, though, so can't give any opinion at all, other than, if you're not comfortable with the information you are getting, get another opinion. Best of luck and let us know what you find out.

  • tamtam
    tamtam Member Posts: 8
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    ohhhh your right it looks all blurry 😖 I will try to fix it

  • lotusconnie1999
    lotusconnie1999 Member Posts: 39
    edited April 2023

    Tamtam, it must be hard for you to try to figure it out. Many reasons can explain what you are experiencing, including non breast related. And many benign reasons for example skin related, inflammation caused by infection or vaccines or some other things etc. The general surgeon may want to biopsy the lymph nodes to have peace of mind. I am also waiting for tests this week and biopsy scheduled in 2 weeks. I understand the anxiety..

  • tamtam
    tamtam Member Posts: 8

    I can say I’m use to all the Ultrasounds,MRI’s and mammas every year with all the lumps and bumps but this one has me worried 🤔 I haven’t been ill at all but feel exhausted all the time. I can’t wait to have the second Ultrasound and find out either way. I go back and forth thinking naaaaa it’s all in my head and it will be like all the other times but something about the axillary lymph nodes swelling this time on one side have me rattled and the first ultrasound saying not typical of a benign lymph node and Two Left axillary lymph nodes are nontypical 🤔 so I’m a little more on edge with this.

    Lotusconnie: what type of tests are you going for? And what type of biopsy? I will keep my fingers crossed for you and think B9 results 🤞

  • lotusconnie1999
    lotusconnie1999 Member Posts: 39
    edited May 2023

    Tamtam, best wishes to your test and results.

  • tamtam
    tamtam Member Posts: 8

    Hi Lotusconnie

    Have they given you a date Lotusconnie ?
    how are you hanging in there? Thinking of you 🤗

    Tonight while taking my bra off I have noticed another lump and feels like another lymph node but it’s just off the Breast more around ribs 🤔 same side as the other swollen lymph nodes. Now my question would be I know there are lots of Axillary lymph nodes but do they reach down that far along side of breast?
    I know I mentioned a larger lump in my armpit crease that I thought was fat but could it be matted lymph nodes? And if yes is that a bad sign? My first ultrasound I had about two months ago now the tech said the patch I thought was fat was actually lymph nodes so it could possibly matted? It’s too long of a wait for next ultrasound which is in another week and a half and it’s giving me the time to think .
    anyone with matting? Or comment on location of lymph nodes lower down side of breast?

  • tamtam
    tamtam Member Posts: 8

    Well I had another ultrasound on May 16th and waiting for results and I have my appointment for a consultation with the surgeon to discuss results and cannot say I’m not worried because I am 😔 I have had two ultrasounds on my left Axillary lymph nodes (my right side is fine) it was a different technician this US and she too said that I have a patch of matted lymph nodes and she also measured the other swollen lymph nodes going down the side of my breast. None of them are painful or red they are just enlarged. Well tonight when I was putting my PJ’s on I noticed another lump but this time in-between my armpit going up half way to collar bone 😖 what ever it is can it spread to other lymph nodes leading away from the armpit?

    Thursday can’t come soon enough.

  • anxious66
    anxious66 Member Posts: 22

    Hello. I know this was quite some time ago but I was wondering what your outcome was. I have swelling and pain in my armpit. No lumps, clear ultrasound and mammogram and no enlarged lymph nodes felt or seen. It makes no sense to me because I have had varying degrees of swelling and pain every day for the past 16 months. Sometimes my entire left side feels swollen including my arm and hand. I’m frustrated and scared and tired of being in pain with no answers.