Any one Triple Positive 10+ year out?

Any one Triple Positive 10+ year out?


  • jfloyd3619
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    I was just recently diagnosed with triple positive..actually i haven't even had surgery yet, which is scheduled for next week. I have the same question. Lots of 5 year survivability studies but can't find any 10 year. ...asked my oncologist about surviving 10 years orore and he avoided the question.

  • fulijinxi
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    they told my recurring after 5 is rare.

  • danielan
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    hi, I had my first triple positive breast cancer occurance in May 2014, did lumpectomy Chemio + radiation , in December 2022 I was diagnosed again with a new triple positive cancer - did bilateral mastectomy + Chemio taxol and Herceptin ongoing - next is hormonal therapy - this is is suppose to be a separated cancer not linked to the one in 2014 … anyone here having a similar experience ?


  • cowgirl13
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    I was 14 years out this May. Doing very well.