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32 - Chek2 mutation - Diagnosed with DCIS.


Hi all. I posted my full diagnosis thread in the “Just Diagnosed” forum but thought I’d come over to this forum as well for some perspective from younger folks.

I’m 32 years old, no children. I have two Chek2 mutations which is very rare and under researched. ( I got a mutation from both my mom and my dad ). My mom was diagnosed with IDC in October.

Just last week I was diagnosed with DCIS (stage 0), er and pr positive. While I am very grateful to be stage 0 I now have some very hard decisions ahead of me and it’s so hard to decide.

I meet with my surgeon next week to discuss more but my two treatment options are: Mastectomy with no follow up treatment at all, or, radiation + tamoxifen for 5 years + continued screenings every 6 months.

I’m having an extremely hard time making this decision at 32, not knowing which would be the better for many years to come.