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Had my first mammogram screening last week, now I have to go for a biopsy



I had my first mammogram screening (just turned 41 yrs) this past Wednesday and Thursday morning the hospital called me back adamant that I come in on Friday for additional screening. Apparently the 3D imaging found two masses and the ultrasound on Friday confirmed that they are solid masses, not cysts. Both masses are just under 2 inches. I've read the report from my Wednesday mammogram and the paper work calls them 'highly suspicious'.

The radiology Dr came into my ultrasound and took a look during my Friday screening and let's just say her body language wasn't telling me she was happy. She seemed really concerned and wouldn't tell me much other than there are two masses and they needed to a biopsy on both. The hospital system hasn't updated my report with the Friday findings but this was the note on my wednesday mammogram:

"A 1.8 cm stellate mass is present within the 6:00 position of the left central breast. A 1.3 cm stellate suspected satellite lesion is noted in the 5:00 position of the left posterior breast"

On top of all of this my left breast (the one with the masses) has been inflamed/sore/achy ever since my first mammogram. My PCP doesn't seem terrible concerted and the radiologist suspect that mammograms irritated the masses. Is this normal, to have breast pain from a mammogram? I guess I don't have much of a question, I just gathered from the grim faces of ultrasound tech and radiologist Dr that there is a high chance these masses are cancer.


  • lotusconnie1999
    lotusconnie1999 Member Posts: 39

    Mpbell, I just saw your post. Sorry that you are going through this difficult time. Hope you get biopsy done soon.

    I am waiting for my biopsy result to come back too. I understand the feeling…

  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,957


    This is definitely a stressful time. I have no great advice except … please don’t try to read body language or facial expressions of those involved in your care. They may be having a bad day, had a fight with their SO, or any number of things.
    “She seemed really concerned and wouldn't tell me much other than there are two masses and they needed to a biopsy on both. ” There is likely nothing else to tell based on imaging and that’s why a biopsy is being recommended. If imaging alone could give the full picture there’d be no need for a biopsy. So it’s not that she wouldn’t tell you much, it’s just there’s no more to tell based on imaging alone.
    Take care

  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 745

    Seconding everything from exbrnxgrl. Faces, body language, etc., it's not worth anything.

    The best thing we get to go on is the birads score, if/when you see it. If it's birads 5, they think it's likely cancer and the biopsy is to confirm. If it's birads 4, they think it's likely not cancer and the biopsy is to rule it out. (4 is sometimes split into 4A, B, and C).

    But even a birads 5 is not a cancer diagnosis, and even a birads 4A can turn out to be cancer. A birads 5 that does turn out to be malignant can still be stage zero or 1.

    Hoping for you that this is a benign! But in case it's not, I have found great support on these boards and I'm sure you will too.