In Treatment? Join us on Zoom, Tues & Thurs weekly!

Hi Everyone,

We have created a weekly virtual support group for all who are planning or going through active treatment. If you've just been diagnosed and are planning surgery, chemo, or radiation, join our weekly Zoom Meetups.

We have two meetings for you to register for:

Register here: Tuesdays at 1:00 PM EST and Thursdays at 6:00 PM EST

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you!



  • sarahmaude
    sarahmaude Member Posts: 299

    Mods, I hope it’s okay for me to post here.

    I want to encourage anyone who is in treatment to take advantage of this invitation to join these Zoom meetings.

    I found calling into them to be a great way to track my progress with others and to share ideas for managing side effects with others who were slightly ahead of or behind me. The other women I met were all combinations of fierce, vulnerable, courageous, and worried. Together, with caring moderators we spent valuable time moving through a tough and important time.

    And we spent a fair amount of time laughing together along with talking about the hard stuff.

  • moderators
    moderators Administrator Posts: 6,559

    Thank you @sarahmaude for your support and praise! We love our groups and are so happy they are of value to you and the rest.

    —Your Mods

  • kathrynw1thasea
    kathrynw1thasea Member Posts: 65

    I agree with @sarahmaude whole heartedly! We found great support in each other’s stories, strengths and humor. We shared vital information, empathy and frustrations freely without judgement. There were tears, celebrations and lots of laughter. You will not regret this experience.

  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 109

    I have loved meeting other women on this journey. I forget after the surgeries, the end of the herceptin/perjeta infusions and the port removal after nearly 2 years that i still have side effects. Neuropathy on a few fingers on my right hand. The blood clot i spoke about that i feel now is being treated. The thigh high compression sock is keeping the fluid from draining into my ankle area. I never saw this with the compression socks.

    I say to anyone who gets surgery, make sure they give you a med to prevent blood clots. We can and do learn from each other.