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New treatment


My questions are based on the information below:
2007 IDC 1.6cm, er/pr-, Her2 very positive.  Lumpectomy followed by AC/THP and radiation.
2021 reoccurrence, diagnosis identical to 1st time (except this time 1cm), same breast, almost same location.  Dmx, THP.
Questions:1)  Are there any other treatments I should have had, or can have?  Trials I should join?2) What is my stage considered after a reoccurrence?3) What are the chances of it coming back or metastasis?


  • salamandra
    salamandra Member Posts: 745

    Hi dontwantthis,

    I don't know much but just wanted to boost your post and wish you luck.

    I don't think recurrence impacts the staging. I think that for hormone negative cancer, the longer you go without a recurrence the better your chances of avoiding metastasis are. So far you've been doing great.

    Do you still have access to your oncological team? They would be best placed to give you personalized and up to date info.

  • melbo
    melbo Member Posts: 266

    I don’t have any answers for you, just sympathy. The sub-type is generally considered very curable with current medications, so it’s awful that it came back.

    The only thing I have read about patients getting after THP is kadclya, but that’s another type of chemo and usually used for patients who don’t get PCR from the first round. I wonder if they would opt to leave you on HP for longer than a year though? On the other hand, 14 years between original and recurrence is a long time in cancer land… so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just do the standard treatment again. Either way it sticks though.