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Breast Implants & ITCHING

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edited May 2023 in Breast Reconstruction


After speaking with Nancy's, turns out they add blue agave in the yogurt which was not on the list of ingredients. After a quick search, it appears many people are allergic to it and have the same hives and itching I experienced. Bottom line, it again felt just like what I felt with my textured implants. SO weird!!

Hi - I'm posting this in hopes of perhaps helping others who have complained about the incredible "drive me crazy" deep itching they may experience with breast implants. I had a double mastectomy in 2016 and was fit with textured implants. (I did not have chemo or radiation but took Anastrozole for 5 years.) Soon after, I began to experience itching under my implants that drove me insane. After 6 years I had the implants removed in 2022 and had the DIEP procedure to use my own tissue. The itching stopped - and if this had been the only benefit of the entire surgery it would have been totally worth it. But here is why I'm sharing:

I have allergies to unusual things and I'm wondering if others who have itching with their implants may as well. One is carrageenan - it is a seaweed/kelp based thickener and it is now found in everything from store bought chocolate milk, puddings, yogurts, gravies, even organic lunch meat, etc. Makes me have the EXACT same itching as with my implants. This week I had Inulin - an additive to a Kefir drink made by Nancy's Yogurt - which their plain yogurt normally I can have. Made me have the EXACT same itching as my implants. Tried the Collagen Biotin from Costco instead of the regular one I buy - again - same EXACT crazy itching. When I stopped taking it, the itching went away. It's even in Crest toothpaste though not listed as an ingredient!!!

So I'm saying all this because it makes me wonder if there is something in the implant manufacturing process that may be akin to these different, often hidden products companies are adding that cause people problems in other areas of our lives. It has taken me years to figure out my allergies because I'll eat something without problem then suddenly react, but once I look at the 'new and improved' ingredients, I see changes have been made. It's found in Tillamook & any flavor of Breyers ice cream (other than natural vanilla), sour creams (other than Daisy brand), cottage cheese, dairy creamers, boxed nut & hemp milks, and they all make me itch. And research shows there is a link to colon cancer.

I'm interested to hear if anyone else has noticed any of these same allergies who may also have the implant itching. There has to be a reason and although I truly trust my internist, surgeon and oncologist, none of them have ever heard of the unbearable itching I've experienced.

Let me know and peace to all!