Worried about my daughter with BRCA1

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    I hope this is the right place to post this, I didn't see a parent type board.

    I am usually on the stage iv boards but I got some distressing news yesterday about my daughter. Her BRCA1 test is positive. I myself do not carry the gene but her grandmother, aunt and great grandmother on the paternal side all did so this wasn't a huge surprise but of course I was hoping for a negative result.

    On one hand this is distressing for a mother, especially being Stage IV myself, but on the other I believe knowledge is power. She now qualifies for MRI's and mammograms at 25 (she's 24 now) so now that we know for sure, she'll be monitored more closely as well as doing frequent exams herself.

    Cancer is a monster for me already but now it's coming for my children.