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Swelling post lumpectomy surgery


Has anyone had swelling in the area of their lumpectomy? It’s not where the SLNB was (it’s not under my arm) but above where the lumpectomy scar is. It’s like I can hear water in there. I know some swelling is to be expected but should the area be elevated and filled with liquid? Also, any suggestions on what I can do to lessen the swelling?


  • harley07
    harley07 Member Posts: 318

    @dsc - I had a similar experience after my lumpectomy and it was a seroma (this article explains more . Your situation could be very different. Please contact your surgeon as soon as possible for their guidance.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,287
    edited May 2023

    Hi @dsc,

    Like, @harley07 said, it could potentially be a seroma, but we would also recommend reaching out to your surgeon to get further insight as to what it might be. Let us know any updated information you receive!