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Anyone repeat BRCA2 gene mutation test

tinacap77 Member Posts: 6
edited May 2023 in Genetic Testing

I learned through genetic testing after getting diagnosed with IDC that I had the BRCA2 mutation. The genetics counselor said it had to have been passed down from my father or mother and they would have had it passed to them through their parents. My dad died at 47 of a heart attack but my mom died in her 80’s of a non-cancer related poor health combination of issues. So far, we have not come up with any breast, ovarian, pancreatic cancers in this lineage…this has made me wonder if I should repeat this test. Could have there been an error? Has anyone else had doubt and retested? If so, how did you go about doing that?



  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 396

    Sure you can be retested. Just ask for a referral from your gynecologist. That's where I started my testing procedures. I would like to add though that just because you have no cancer that you can detect in your lineage doesn't mean you don't have the gene. Genes are complicated MF's. You may have another gene in your lineage that counteracts the BRCA or it just may not be that virulent in your family for whatever reason. We are at the very beginning of understanding how all of them work together in the human body. Also, your dad was young when he died. How old were his parents when they died? Could be that they never lived long enough for cancer to manifest.