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Is seven weeks too long to wait for radiation after lumpectomy?

I had my surgery on May 4th and can't even get in to see a radiologist until June 9th. The front office said radiation would usually start two weeks after this visit. I'm concerned as everything I've read said ideally radiation should start 4-6 weeks for older people (I'm 60) to prevent reoccurance.

Has anyone else had to wait this long between surgery and radiation?

Thank you again for your input!


  • ctmbsikia
    ctmbsikia Member Posts: 749

    I had surgery Jan 30th and started radiation Apr the 16th. I believe that's somewhere around 10 weeks. I too was concerned however, 5 years later all is fine. Good luck to you.

  • harley07
    harley07 Member Posts: 247

    Hi Jane. The hurry up and wait is certainly challenging. I’m not sure what the guidelines state, however I was diagnosed at 63. Had my first lumpectomy on November 5, the second lumpectomy on November 20 and radiation started on January 19. So it took a little over 8 weeks to start radiation

    Best of luck

  • rain88
    rain88 Member Posts: 160

    Hi, Jane. I had to wait almost 7 weeks after lumpectomy. If I remember correctly, 3 months is the max. recommended wait. Best of luck with your treatment.

  • janehicks
    janehicks Member Posts: 48

    ctmbsikia, rain88, and harley07

    Thank you kindly for taking the time to respond and for the reassurance. I feel much better now!

    My best to all of you going forward!

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,934

    My radiation was delayed because I needed an unrelated surgery between my lumpectomy and starting radiation. The RO was adamant that I not wait longer than 12 weeks

  • janehicks
    janehicks Member Posts: 48

    alicebastable so sorry to hear you had another surgery thrown into the already stressful mix of cancer treatment! Thank you for letting me know what your RO said. This is comforting to know.

    All the best to you and thanks again for the response.

  • margecandoit
    margecandoit Member Posts: 129

    Jane- I had a 12 week wait between surgery and radiation. Was not happy about it but nothing I can do to change it. So I understand your frustration. I am only 9 week since I was done. It wasn’t that bad of a treatment though.

  • janehicks
    janehicks Member Posts: 48


    That sounds so frustrating! It's so difficult when our lives are essentially in the hands on the medical community and all that goes with it. (I know we need them, but they can be maddening.)

    Thank you so much for your response and for letting me know it wasn't that bad.

    I wish you all the best going forward. Love your name by the way!