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Needing a ultrasound


I had a small bruise on my right breast. I got a script from my doctor for my mammogram from the physician’s assistant. I had the mammogram on Monday night. The hospital imaging called me back the next morning and recommended I come back. They found a 1cm asymmetry nodule on the right breast. They recommend an ultrasound of the right breast and I have dense breast. They also recommend a re evaluation of the mammogram, too. The problem I’m having is with my pcp doctor. I’ve been calling all week for a script and all I get is the call service and she says that she will give the message to the nurse. I can’t talk to anybody. Yesterday, she called back and said she is waiting to see if the dr wants me to make a appointment. I get a call from another imaging place this morning. I guess they called this place themselves for me to make an appointment at. I wait on the phone for a hour to find out they sent my first mammogram script by mistake with no ultrasound. Then I call back the pcp and I’m mad. They email me a script for a bilateral ultrasound of the breast, but shouldn’t the instructions be more specific of the right breast in the area that is questioned? And they didn’t send me re evaluation of the right breast mammogram that the imaging place recommended. I don’t know if my doctor doesn’t think I need it? I’m thinking I should go to another doctor for a second opinion. I feel like the hospital did their job calling me back the next morning which is alarming to me, I’m trying to do my job as a patient, but my pcp doctor aren’t doing their job.


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    susan Sorry your getting the run around with this script. Your right the US script really should be only for the right breast if there was nothing seen on the left. Otherwise the left just winds up being a fishing expedition when the tech doesn't have a specific area to zone in on. Ultrasound is a good addition with mammo for an area of concern but not for a general look at the breast tissue. If the radiologist recommended additional views of the breast it's typically spot compression of the area of concern. These are magnification views that are also compressed to spread the breast tissue to see better.

    Sounds like the pcp 's office is unorganized. Be the thorn in their side to make sure you ge.t imaged properly. You can also get gyno involved if no success with pcp. Also be sure to keep gyno in the loop with your reports.

    Good luck getting this resolved and sending positive vibes for benign findings.