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Bra after reconstruction, 5 years out


Hello! I haven't posted on here in ages but wanted to reach out to ask if anyone else if having issues feeling comfortable with their foobs in a bra. I have over the muscle, direct to implant reconstruction and they are pretty small, measure out to a 32c. I have a very lean chest and almost zero body fat on my chest. So basically it's like chest-implant if you know what I mean. I recently got a lovely tattoo on my sternum and around my chest so I haven't worn a bra for a week and a half while it heals. It feels glorious!! I normally wear bralettes, no underwire, pullover bras but they always bug me and feel uncomfortable. Going braless brings up concerns: as we all know we are nipped out if we got to keep our nipples so they project out. Also, can they sag?? I keep thinking, if I have to switch them out eventually can't they just hoist them up a bit? My PS was very vague about this. On some level I feel like, I went through all of this and lost my lovely breasts only to be uncomfortable every day in a bra? Or to wear one to make other people feel comfortable if they can see my nipples? Why is this so complicated? Because surviving BC is complicated, we all know that. Can anyone relate to this?


  • daenerys30
    daenerys30 Member Posts: 10

    I had a one sided mastectomy with implants and it looked great until I had a recurrence that required a lumpectomy and radiation. My mastectomy side is slightly smaller and doesn't sag like the other one. I hate not wearing a bra because you can really tell. A bra helps but I keep the normal side more hiked up on the shoulder strap and sometimes the cup moves up to the middle of my boob. I don't know if I'll get surgery to maybe lift and decrease the size of the normal one. I'm tired of surgeries at the moment.