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Silicone implant removal 10 years post op

rosiesavannah Member Posts: 1
edited June 2023 in Breast Reconstruction

Hi there! I had bilateral mas in 2013 with lat flap recon and silicone implants. I am not having leaking, rupture or misplacement issues. I do find them uncomfortable however and since I am at the 10 year mark and recently learned they were recalled, am considering removing them and not replacing them. I am 64 years old and on my husband's insurance plan. I am interested to learn of others who have done the same. Were you happy with the results? Do you feel better? Ok with how you look? I was a B cup until I developed Fibrocystic breasts and they got bigger. When diagnosed years later, surgeon recommended a size similar to what I was at the time. I went with it and it made me a C/D and now with aging they are bigger than they need to be. My current surgeon said I will most likely be a B cup after removal. If they are a full B and not deflated looking, I think I will be happy. The current situation has me always aware I have implants, they are cold and I have weird random pains in them. I don't know if this is do to the lat flap surgery, phantom pains or what. It is hard to get a plastic surgeon to acknowledge these things. Side effects are different for each person and they would not know unless they experience it themselves. My plastic surgeon did a beautiful cosmetic job in 2013, I am just uncomfortable most of the time. Is this how others feel too? Thanks for any advice and input.


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  • mommytotwins
    mommytotwins Member Posts: 1

    Hi there! I also had the same surgery in 2013. Like you, I have random pains and find my implants to be cold. They are also a bit too large and may have changed shape on my non-lat side. I’m actually getting an MRI next week to make sure my silicone implants are not leaking. I am interested in removing these implants and at least going smaller, but not sure how that would work with my previous reconstruction. I’m very interested in hearing about other people’s experience removing their implants or going with smaller ones years after their lat flap reconstruction - especially with previously radiated skin.