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HER2 Status



First, thanks for reading my post! I had a mastectomy in May 30th. I received the surgical pathology report on Tuesday and ER and PoR results (both are positive) on Thursday last week. But I have not received HER2 and Ki 67. How long did it take you to get those results?

Thank you!



  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 991
    edited June 2023

    @jt24 , Different hospitals may release results in their own fashion but my surgical pathology was released as one document five days after surgery addressing every required element for IDC. There was a note advising that there would be an upcoming addendum since my HER2 score by staining was 2+ "equivocal" and a FISH test would have to be done to classify it. That was added about a week later. Many hospitals have FISH testing done elsewhere. Mine does that test on site but it takes a while since they also contract with other institutions. KI-67% is not a required part of an IDC pathology report. If your tumor is suitable for an Oncotype dx genomic test KI-67 is one of the markers measured.

    Different types of breast cancer have different pathology report requirements and standards. For example, a DCIS report does not evaluate HER2 since it is not an invasive cancer and it requires larger margins than IDC to be considered clean.

    If you seem to be missing results much longer than you were advised to wait you could contact your surgeon's office to ask. I hope you find out what you want to know soon.

  • katg
    katg Member Posts: 215


    I hope you come back and let us know!

    My original biopsy had HER2-ER+PR-. Genetic test BRCA2.

    As was mentioned by Maggie15, each of us have different bodies and diagnosis. I got my results fairly quick as i had my tumor and breast removed and within days, the fish test came back HER2 +!!! What?

    My NP was shocked when she saw that. My tumor was Her2+. I think my original score was closer to positive, so it jumping to positive did not truly surprise me. But, my results put in a "not as many people have these numbers" spot. Still the fabulous doctors had a plan and did it.

    Let us know!!!