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How long is too long to wait??

tnnp78 Member Posts: 2

I am newly diagnosed invasive DCIS high grade. Approx 7mm based on calcifications Central necrosis, Ki67 50-60%. My surgery is scheduled out 2 months from time of biopsy and 4months from initial abnormal mammogram. From what I have researched and speaking with breast cancer survivors that I know it seems too long to wait. Is it? Should I look for a different place for quicker treatment?


  • dsc
    dsc Member Posts: 50

    I had my first mammogram in early March but didn’t have any treatment (started with surgery) until May 23. If I need chemo that would start in July. I’m in Canada if that makes a difference, but my team said everything is progressing as expected. I was assured that there was no need to worry about the timeline. I wanted everything to happen way quicker but just had to (and continue have to) have patience.

    Good luck with your treatment. Thinking of you. 💕

  • cangold
    cangold Member Posts: 35


    I had BC twice now, and both times I had surgery within a month after being diagnosed. I just wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,290

    @tnnp78 You might find this article helpful in bringing your concerns to your doctors:

    Please keep us posted on when you get your surgery scheduled and we look forward to supporting you as you navigate your care. Thinking of you!

    —The Mods

  • tnnp78
    tnnp78 Member Posts: 2

    I read that article…. I would be right at the 8 week mark. My surgery is scheduled for July 25th….just ready for it to be done!

    Thanks for the replies.