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Tubular IDC?

bsmiz Member Posts: 19

Most of the discussion about the tubular sub category here are not recent. It’s a rare type occurring in 1-2% of breast cancers. My surgical pathology came back and I have a Grade 1, Stage 1 0.7 cm Tubular cancer. Wonder if anyone else here has/had the same? Wondering about current treatment protocols.


  • gardengurl
    gardengurl Member Posts: 23

    Hi bsmis, I had a very similar pathology result 3/22. Grade 1 stage 1 idc type tubular which apparently rarely spreads . My tumor was high est/ pro +. Although it rarely spreads they treat it the same as regular idc. I was treated at MSK, did lumpectomy, SLNB, Hypofractionated partial rads over 10 treatments. Hormone therapy for 5 years. If I had to do it all over again, I would skipped the radiation. It shrunk my breast and have constant discomfort from it. Good luck

  • bsmiz
    bsmiz Member Posts: 19

    Hi Gardengurl, thanks for your response! Good to know!

  • serina25
    serina25 Member Posts: 2

    Hello, bemis,

    My pathology was also similar, although the language varied from one pathologist to the next, so that in the end I think that my IDC had "more than 75% tubular features." (1+1+1) I was also treated as gardengurl was, but with 15 radiation treatments. Although I only had two sentinel nodes removed, I'm dealing with lymphedema in my breast that wasn't diagnosed until ten months after the radiation—from radiation-induced fibrosis. Most women seem to do fine with radiation, however, so not sharing this to scare you. If I had to do this all over again, I would get a second opinion. If you do go ahead with the radiation, watch for swelling and fibrosis. (I was told what I was experiencing was just "healing." It wasn't.) If you treat it early through a lymphedema specialist, it can go away, rather than be a life-long issue.

    Best of luck to you. And so sorry that you're dealing with this too.