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Concerned about Mets...


I have had breast cancer 2 times. First-time stage 2 (left) with lumpectomy/chemo/radiation. IDC. In 2011.
Second-time stage 1 (right) IDC and lobular in situ. Lumpectomy/radiation. In 2019.

I am concerned now about bone or liver mets. My labs are normal (CBC with Diff and Metabolic panel). I have pain in my left hip that has changed in character over the past 6 months. Walking, standing, and sitting take effort and increase the pain. The pain is at a tolerable level, but noticeable and keeps me from usual activities (or I push to do what I usually do and get worse the next day). My stomach/abdomen bloat more frequently and takes longer to go down.

Yesterday I saw my oncologist. I requested to see the doctor, not the PA, when the appointment was made. The PA comes in and says the doctor is very busy so she will see me instead. I explain my fatigue level, which has increased, and hip pain. She immediately tells me I need physical therapy and my primary physician needs to address the fatigue. I asked her how she order physical therapy without a diagnosis. So she says she will order an MRI of the hip. She then says my fatigue is due to poor nutrition, probably low iron. My labs were normal. She says she will let the doctor know and come back and let me know what she says. Well, 3 minutes later the doctor came in and decided a PET-CT scan would be the best course of action. It is scheduled for 2 weeks from today.

For the past several months I have felt like something is wrong. A gut feeling. Then I berate myself by telling myself I am overreacting. I've had breast cancer 2 times now. I feel like I am overreacting then I feel I am doing what is right. Does anyone else feel like this?


  • njdogmom
    njdogmom Member Posts: 181

    You are your own best advocate and you are doing exactly what you should. Please don't ever berate yourself or put off seeking medical care. You know what normal for you feels like and no matter the cause, what you feel is not normal for you. Thoughts are with you that your scan comes back clear. And please don't let a clear scan deter you from seeking medical attention in the future.

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 717

    @patsaizan Absolutely not! You have to follow your gut and your the only one who knows your body. There is a fine line we walk between being aware and paranoid, I understand. But you must always err on the side of caution. It's always better to catch a recurrence early on. Maybe this is not cancer related at all but nevertheless it needs to be addressed. Please don't ever let anyone or yourself influence what your gut is telling you. Sending good vibes for a negative PET.

  • elainetherese
    elainetherese Member Posts: 1,628

    Wow! I have the same symptoms and am also worried about mets. It's nuts because I just stopped hormonal therapy (Zoladex + Aromasin) after eight years, and now my left hip is really annoying me, plus the tummy issues. Ugh. I have an appointment on August 2 with MO, and will be asking about a scan. I'm especially worried about the hip because two PET scans (nine years ago) showed something on my left hip but an MRI showed nothing so MO chalked it up to being a false positive.

    Glad you pushed for the PET — here's hoping nothing lights up for you.