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Pregnant and scared of IBC


A week ago, I noticed an area of redness on my left breast. I've always been really scared of inflammatory breast cancer so I'm hyper aware of breast changes. I'm 18 weeks pregnant so I called my OB to get an appointment to have them look at my breast. They didn't have any openings so they just sent me for an ultrasound.

Today I had the ultrasound so it's been one week since I noticed the redness. The ultrasound showed some thickening of the skin. The radiologist recommended I go on antibiotics and then if there's no improvement, do a punch biopsy. My OB however, did not want to put me on antibiotics yet because I don't have any additional symptoms of mastitis (swelling, hot to the touch, fever,etc).

At this point I guess I'm just in a wait and monitor place. My anxiety is so bad though. The redness has not changed and I've not had any other skin changes. I do have some pain but I'm pregnant and it could just be hormonal.

The thought of having an aggressive form of cancer while being pregnant has my absolutely besides myself. Hellllp!


  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 402

    I know your stress is sky high. Try breathing, meditating, watching TV, anything to distract yourself. The chances of this being your worst fear is not good. I mean you've always been scared of IBC and suddenly you develop it? While pregnant? It doesn't compute. But doctors will do their best to address our fears and because you're so frightened they are wanting to check everything. But that doesn't mean they're frightened also. It just means they're trying to make sure your fears are addressed appropriately.

    I found this on-line although I recommend you stay off it right now. But "breast eczema affects the skin on and around your breasts. Your skin may itch, change color, develop bumps, dry out or thicken." This seems like a much more likely explanation. I hope things calm down quickly so that you can go back to enjoying your pregnancy.

  • becosh84
    becosh84 Member Posts: 2

    thank you! I've considered eczema but since I have no itching I didn't think it was that. My son had severe eczema and it was awful. It doesn't help that it's been a stressful pregnancy with severe bleeding so I'm high risk. It feels like things are really overwhelming right now. I appreciate you taking the time to respond

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 701

    @becosh84 It sounds like you are very stressed and it's not healthy for you being a high risk . Please try to meditate and take control of your mind. Focus on your health and your babies health, focus on happy thoughts of having a baby. Your doctor is aware of your breast changes and they are only a phone call away. He seems like he is listening to your concerns and ordered the Ultrasound, I trust that he is on top of this. Take a deep breath and allow positive healing thoughts. Sending hopes for healing your way.