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Anyone else with a very high oncotype score?


My oncotype score was 75 and we opted for chemo. It brought the distant recurrence rate from 85% to %38% (on paper)

I completed 4 biweekly A/C and just completed 3 of 12 weekly taxol today. I then will have 6 weeks of daily radiation

I’ve noticed lately that the recurrence rate is on my mind a lot.

Has anyone else else had such a high score? I’m very concerned.

Thank you,



  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 374

    It seems to me that your tumor is operating as a triple negative? With that do they have you on a triple negative protocol? That protocol seems to do very well for them.

    And triple negatives aren't given the oncotype test because they're high by nature. That's the way they work so no need to test them. It reads like you've just got a standard triple negative.

  • justagalwholoveslife
    justagalwholoveslife Member Posts: 46

    Thank you for your insight. You are correct that it’s very close to being triple negative but having some hormone receptors keeps the dr’s from considering it as such 100%.

    I did forget about this point so that reminder helps to digest the high score.

    I’m trying hard to not focus on the recurrence rate and just get through this and put it behind me. It’s just been tough lately. ❤️

    thank you again. Kristen

  • mandy23
    mandy23 Member Posts: 104

    Hi @justagalwholoveslife !

    Just remember that YOU are not a statistic and it's very difficult to predict what will happen to you in particular relative to others. Hang in there and hold onto hope that you're beating the Cancer beast with the chemo!

    You might find this thread helpful:

  • sarahmaude
    sarahmaude Member Posts: 336

    Mine is a 49. Also did chemo. Just asked doctor at last appointment and I’m down to between 18-19% chance of recurrence at the 9 year mark which does concern me. I’ve been getting Signatera screening for a year now and am going to keep having 4 visits per year with my oncologist. I’ll also be on AIs indefinitely.

    One thing that is somewhat reassuring to me is that there are better treatments now and better treatments coming resulting in recurrence becoming something that can be well managed for years. So, for me, doing the best we can with what is available today keeps me from losing sleep at this point.

  • justagalwholoveslife

    thank you for the kind words of encouragement and insight.

    I will just stay in the day to day frame of mind and not overthink this. I will just keep fighting the good fight along with you all.