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Getting called back after a mammogram


Hi all my deas breasties,

It has been years since the last time I used this forum. So here I am, once more, finding myself sick with uncertainty and worry. I had a mammogram three weeks ago, and for the first time in 17 years, I have been called back for further tests after being free of a multifocal grade 2 strongly hormone-positive cancer. I don't know what to think; this was a new hospital, and I am not sure if they checked my previous mammograms for comparison (I assume they did), or if this is a new local breast cancer after so many years free from the demon. I haven't noticed anything myself, but I have always been more worried about the possibility of a distant recurrence than of a new cancer. Perhaps, thaet lymph nodes… What the hell, how am I going to sleep tonight? I don't know.

Have any of you expirienced anything similar?



  • moderators
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    @wildbreast - We are sorry you are back here and worried again. We can understand how scary and stressful this must be for you but try to stay positive and focused on other things in your life, until your next appointment and tests. Findings can still be benign, so there's still hope!

    Hopefully, you'll get answers from other members as well since we have bumped your post. Remember that we're all here for you! Let us know how it goes.


    The Mods

  • homemom
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    I'm going through that now. I switched imaging centers for one in the hospital my MO goes to. They have my orders which always say "ultrasound if needed". Over the years I have sometimes had an ultrasound and sometimes not. I had to have a biopsy in 2019 that turned out to be a scar from surgery (2014). Now they see something that "wasn't showing in my previous imaging from the former center". The ultrasound tech said to come back in 6 months and if the radiologist was worried she'd send me for a biopsy. I couldn't sleep so I emailed my MO to ask that they put the orders in for 3 months instead of 6!

    I also had a Dexa scan and she called me to go over that. I took the time to ask her what she thought of my mammogram report and she read it to me. It apparently mimics what I had previously biopsied. She said it looks to be benign. I'm still getting the ultrasound in 3 months instead of 6, but I'm sleeping better! When are your further tests? Is it an ultrasound?

  • wildbreast
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    Dear homemon,

    Oh well, I have cancer again, I rather sit on the cinema and watch the whole filmography of Goddard plus interviews, that have to deal with this terror again. Let me know how are you doing please

    It appears that I have DC and DCIS?, . Fortunately, no nodes or vascular invasion. Grade 2

    The full pathology report is not ready yet, apparently it takes longer, althoght this wasn’t my expirience the first time I was diagnosed. I don’t know yet the hormone status, HER of triple netagive. Is this normal?

    The cancer is in my scar tissue, what a lovely place!. During the inspection, the surgeon pointed out that on the other side, under the armpit there was an enlarged lymph node contrary to my mood, she was optimistic and said she was not concerned about it but I will have it checked. Also, I will have bone scans, lung and leaver for possible mets. Good what a nightmare!

    The surgeon told me that bcs of my prior radiation therapy, the conservative surgery was not possible and I would have a mastectomy if I want reconstruction whe advice me to have it for my stomack and no implants due to previous cancer history. However, I must admit, that the thought of a mastectomy terrifies me as it is a big surgery, and saying farewell to body parts isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

    I am terrified. I am been seeing at St. Bartholomew’s, London

    Truly yours,

    Wild Breast

  • quietgirl
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    so sorry about the outcome. I’m glad your surgeon is covering all bases but certainly what a nightmare. Hoping that there is nothing else to be found and that you can get a plan of action to get started because we all know that the waiting can sometimes be the worse. Sending you peaceful healing vibes and positive thoughts

  • homemom
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    Hello Wildbeast

    I'm sorry this turned out the opposite outcome of what we wanted. It's a good thing that you got it extremely early. It is not IDC. I too am surprised they don't know the hormone status, I am pretty sure my surgeon went over all of that, except they didn't know if it was in my nodes at that point, just IDC.

    So it's in the previously affected breast? You didn't have a mastectomy before? There may be some differences between the US and the UK and how doctors approach bc.

    I also don't know why you'd need all those scans if it is not invasive. Maybe we do that here too, I don't know since mine was invasive.

    I follow my doctor's lead, if they are positive, so am I. Bedside manner matters in this situation and it sounds like you are in good hands.

    I had upped my date for the ultrasound to October instead of January, so I'll know more then. I'll be nervous the closer I get to October, for now I'm just not worrying about it. That would not do me any good.

    I'll be thinking of you as you travel back down this crappy road. We are all hoping it is nothing more and you can go back to normal sooner rather than later.