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Scared of IBC


hi, I’m a 29 year old mama of 2! Recently I noticed a red (about the size of a quarter) rash close to my nipple. I was put on cream for a week and it hasn’t helped at all. My Dr has referred me for an ultrasound, they won’t do a mammogram because I’m younger than 30. I have a 3 week wait for my ultrasound and my nerves are a wreck. I live read how aggressive this cancer is and I just keep thinking about my babies and leaving them. 3 week wait is literally torture.
I have no other symptoms. The rash started out itchy but isn’t really itchy anymore, just red.


  • moderators
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    Hi jsimon19, and welcome. We understand that changes to our breasts can be very alarming. We encourage you not to worry, as IBC is very rare. If you haven't already read, here is a section on IBC.

    One step at at time. Have you spoken with a dermatologist as well? We're here for you!

  • jsimon19
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    I have a dermatologist appointment scheduled on the 9th, and logically I know it’s rare but these nerves are crazy. I’m just not sure what else it could be.

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    I understand that worry is part of any situation where one is waiting for answers. I am glad that you understand that IBC is rare. What else could it be? We don’t know! Unless you have the expertise of a doctor/dermatologist it is not a great idea to try to figure it out yourself because you don’t have the medical background to do so and Google is a terrible diagnostician. Speculating over things you don’t know is usually not helpful. Please try to deal with the facts you know now as speculation based on things that are unknown or unconfirmed can be crazy making. This is often not easy but worth cultivating. Take care.