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Second opinion?


Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I recently had two breast biopsies on the same right breast. Both turned out to be benign but they suggested a surgery consult. It says I have a sclerosing papillary lesion. My breast surgeon is suggesting surgery, but my primary care and brother who is a doctor is saying it's not necessary and to monitor instead. So, I decided not to and choose to monitor it.

So, the surgeon had me do a BRCA test which was negative. He also had me do a 3D mammo and ultrasound of the right breast again. It showed nothing changed and if anything the area in question shrunk. The breast surgeon said protocol is to recommend surgery. Again, my biopsies were benign. What do I do?

Thank you!


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    Hi @anabee411, and welcome to

    We're so sorry for the worries that bring you here, but we're really glad you've found us. We're sure you'll find our community a helpful source of support.

    Unfortunately, none of us can advise you as to what you should or shouldn't do as this is a decision to be made between yourself and your doctors. However, we hope others who have been in a similar situation will be by soon to share their experiences.

    We hope you find some insight here and welcome again.

    —The Mods