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Chest CT Scan


I received my online results from my scan today and of course am playing Dr. Google before talking to actual doctor. Pre chemo a few small lesions showed up on my lungs. My results now are saying clear lungs and no suspicious skeletal lesions seen. But I have minimal increase in anterior mediastinal soft tissue density and narrowing of medial left brachiocephalic vein with opacification of collateral vessels. Are these things anything to be concerned about?


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 698

    @trv4764 Glad to hear lungs and bones are looking good. So this finding will probably need follow up with additional imaging. The minimal increase in mediastinal soft tissue density they will most likely keep an eye on and compare to your next scan. The left BC vein since it is a bit narrowed the surrounding vessels (collateral) wind up taking up the slack of blood flow. I don't know if you are experiencing any symptoms from this? I guess depending on clinical exam and how you are feeling will help determine the next move. May order an Ultrasound or MRI possibly a consult with a vascular specialist to get an opinion.

    Wishing you all the best.