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Problems with implants


I have breast implants with Mentor silicone, since 2017. I think there is something wrong with them, because the shape has changed, they have become very soft and one of my breasts hurts.
I read an article in which it was written that exposure to extreme temperatures, during heatwaves, can affect the lifespan of the implants and can soften them.
Maybe they broke?
Have you faced something like this?
I have an appointment for an ultrasound on Friday, August 18.
Thank you!


  • xxxgggyyy
    xxxgggyyy Member Posts: 21

    I have a silicone implant, which I've had since 2018. I just had an MRI last week to look at it and at my other (native) breast. I was told that it is leaking, so they want to swap it out. I was told that implants just wear out over time. I am fairly athletic, and I wondered if I caused the leaking — they told me no.

    I haven't met with the plastic surgeon yet, but I'm wondering whether I have any other options. I have found this implant uncomfortable since day 1. I thought I'd get used to it, but I never did. I'm wondering if something like a basic fat graft would work. I am an A cup, on the slimmer side, and have no desire to be bigger.