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Triple negative breast cancer

crazyred48 Member Posts: 4
edited August 2023 in Just Diagnosed

I just had my port installed today & I start the Ac/t chemotherapy on Monday. I'm a bit scared about this but have a very positive attitude towards it. Trying to have the GI Jane attitude about shaving my head ! But still nerve racking about being bald men just don't get it !


  • norcals
    norcals Member Posts: 206

    Hi Crazyred.

    Yes, starting chemo is scarey, but in my experience the oncology nurses were really knowledgeable, prepared, and caring. The port is definitely the way to go with AC-T chemo. My first infusion of AC was through the veins and that was tense for me. After that, I got the port implanted and it was so much easier. At the infusion center, they have these vomit bags that have a plastic ring attached to the bags. Ask them if you can have several so that you can keep one in your purse, one in the car, one near your bed, etc. It’s helpful just in case you feel nauseous.

    Losing the hair is tough, especially at first. I cut my hair before chemo as well. Most of my hair fell out after the first infusion. I bought wigs which were kind of fun to shop for, but I only wore them for certain events. I preferred hats and beanies.

    The AC part of the chemo goes by pretty quickly. It’s tough but doable. The MO and nurses recommended walking daily. I did and it really helped me mentally, emotionally, and physically (helps with white blood cell count).

    Hugs to you.

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 655

    Hey Crazyred, Agree with norcals the port is the best way to go. The first infusion is scary but once the first one is done you will get a little more relaxed each time you go. Pack a bag with maybe a comfy blanket, earbuds, snacks etc. I love that you have a good attitude , it means so much!

    Ugh yes the hair loss, it stinks! Honestly nobody man nor woman can understand unless you go through it. It's part of your identity so we all get it. I remember looking in the mirror and speaking out " my life is more important than my hair". That was the only way that I could rationalize what was happening to me. Wig or hats/scarves/nothing of course is a personal choice, I was a hat/scarf person. You will figure out what is comfortable and go with it.

    I also did lots of walking and still do , it's my mental health savior for sure! Take it one day ,one treatment at a time. Sending you positive vibes for a good day on Monday🤞❤️