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Biopsy tomorrow


41 year. Had baseline, first annual mammogram back in January and due to dense breasts and abnormal finding in right breast went back for diagnostic that showed 7mm benign appearing micro calcifications so scheduled for f/u in 6 months. Went back last week and that mammo revealed the micro calcifications were more grouped and 1cm now with suspicious appearance so going tomorrow for biopsy. Haven’t felt anxious or worried until today. The only risk factors I have are that I’m a woman with breasts. No family history and I’m a marathon runner. Radiologist I spoke with said he was very concerned due to the growth and spreading out in 6 months. Anyone had anything similar? Any words of wisdom besides don’t worry until there is something to worry about?


  • laughinggull
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    Hi runnerom,

    Sorry you are going through a bit of a health scare. It's a very good thing that you are keeping calm. You are already doing what you should be doing: getting screened (looking for calfications), and following up on any changes. I also had dense breasts, unfortunately it is a risk factor for breast cancer. Most breast cancer patients have no family history. I am a swimmer and runner and was super fit and healthy when diagnosed at 47. All those good habits didn't prevent my cancer, but they really helped me cope with treatment and recovery.

    I am a woman of action, and in this type of situation, I always tell myself that it is better to know, and act, whatever the action is, than not to know -and kick the can down the road instead. You are doing everything right, and you will get through this scare. I hope your biopsy results come back as benign. The numbers are with you -most biopsies have benign results. But, if they come back as positive for cancer, you will be able to deal with this. It would likely be an early stage cancer, and you would be on treatment for months, then get on with your life. You are not there, though, and hopefully you won't. Try to stay busy doing things you enjoy, and remember that you deserve happiness, contentment and peace of mind, no matter what the biopsy results are.

    Best 😘


  • moderators
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    @runnerom, we're sorry you have to be here and waiting, but glad you found us and decided to reach out to our members. As LaughingGull says, most biopsies have benign results, and only about 20% of women who have biopsies turn out to have cancer.

    If it helps, the following article has useful information about some of the benign conditions that can come from testing: What Mammograms Show: Calcifications, Cysts, Fibroadenomas.

    Let us know how you're doing. We're hoping for the best possible outcome, and we're sending you all the positive thoughts!

    The Mods

  • homemom
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    What LaughingGull said. I had a 98% chance of never being diagnosed per an online test. I was petrified, but once all the details were in and my docs were so positive, I was able to get through it. It's been almost 10 years. It sounds like you're on top of things, so IF it turns out to be cancer, you've found it earlier than I did. I have to go back for an ultrasound in October to look at a suspicious spot, but I'm not concerned. 80% are NOT cancer, no matter what it looks like to the radiologist.