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MRI Bi Rads 3


Hello Friends,

I have had many lumps over the years in my breasts. I am 58 now. My mother had breast cancer in her 70's. My maternal grandmother died of ovarian cancer in her 80's.

18 years ago I had a lumpectomy that the Dr's thought was cancer, but it was PASH. Then in 2014 I had a suspicious area in my breast, and had a stereotactic needle biopsy that was benign.

I just had a screening MRI that was graded a Bi Rads 3. My doctor wants me to go to a breast specialist for a biopsy.

I have 2 autistic adult daughter for whom I am solely responsible so I want to do what is the most responsible thing, but it is hard to manage my care and theirs.

I have read that the standard guidance is to repeat the MRI in 6 months. Is my MRI particularly worrisome? Do doctors not grade Bi Rads 3 lightly?

"Bilateral subcentimeter enhancing foci, more prominent in right outer quadrant adjacent to biopsy clip. This is probably benign and recommend 6 month follow-up a breast MRI. Correlation and follow-up with pathology report from prior biopsy is recommended.

BI-RADS: Category 3 Probably Benign"

Would so appreciate any and all advice and insights. Thank you.



  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 701

    @punkysmom Hey Sorry your dealing with this questionable MR. Have you had a recent mammo or Ultrasound? Is this a yearly high risk screening?

    In my experience all radiologists have a different comfort level on their recommendations. However they have guidelines they are supposed to follow to keep from over-calling or under-calling their suspicions. As you probably read it's typically a pretty benign category. So it doesn't sound super worrisome but as you know needs additional follow-up.

    Of course you want to be responsible and do what is best for everyone. Maybe you can just go for a consult or see if you can arrange a video visit for an opinion? Perhaps that will help you make a more informed decision? Maybe if you didn't have an US or Mammo recently you can see what that reveals?

    Follow your gut and try to get the most info you can before you decide. I know it's hard anytime something suspicious turns up and you have others that depend on you. Also if you decide today you want to wait 6 months and then next month you change your mind, that's ok too. Or make the appointment as it usually takes a bit to get one with a specialist anyway, then you can cancel if you change your mind.

    Hope this help you weigh out options. Wishing you all the best and peace with your decision.

  • punkysmom
    punkysmom Member Posts: 2

    Thank you so much for your response. I called the breast specialist. I am waiting for them to call me back with an appointment. I will do whatever I need to. I think part of me is just in denial that anything could be wrong because I don't feel like I have the time for it with my daughters. I know that sounds childish. No one has the time for it. I just have to deal with it.

    I can see from your bio that you have been through a lot, so thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely trust my gut and do the follow-up.

  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 701

    You're very welcome,sounds good!