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what else could it be beside IBC


Trying to remain positive… Noticed a new sensation near my old cancer site, more so around my lumpectomy. I noticed it a week ago and them this morning I wake up to an irregular dime size light red spot. It's not raised and does not itch. Everything I read says ibc. I have a call into my oncologist, any thoughts and words of encouragement to get me through till Im seen.



  • exbrnxgrl
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    edited August 2023

    Glad you’ve called your doctor and I hope you get an appointment soon. What else could it be? Any number of things or just a simple irritation. Breasts are covered with skin and there are many things that could cause this. That is why the doctors visit will be important. Although most of us on bco have breast cancer, we are not doctors (and not your doctor). Hope you find an answer soon. Take care

    PS: You’ve started two identical threads. As they both come up on active topics you might consider asking the mods to remove one so when folks respond, it’s all in one place.