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Lumpectomy vs Bilateral mastectomy


In July I was diagnosed with intermediate ductal carcinoma stage 1b grade 2. Genetic testing came back negative. There is no lymph vascular involvement as of yet. Maternal aunt had left breast cancer and ovarian cancer at age 52 then right breast cancer at 58, paternal aunt had right breast cancer at 54 and again at 59, two maternal uncles had prostate cancer and maternal grandfather died of lung cancer. I’m torn between lumpectomy and radiation or mastectomy. Has anyone had this extensive history?


  • kaynotrealname
    kaynotrealname Member Posts: 422

    Oh yeah. I had some cancer history in my family. My mom and her sister had ovarian and they both had two great aunts, one with ovarian and the other with breast, and an uncle with colon cancer. And that's just one side. The other is also extensive but has a more wide variety of cancers so it's probably just lifestyle. Any way we did gene test on me and my maternal aunt. I had nothing but my aunt came back BARD1 positive and with an unknown variant in BRCA1. Neither is associated with ovarian cancer at this time so who knows. For me, I got a double mastectomy and my fallopean tubes out. I'm waiting to make a decision about my ovaries but they may go, too, in a few years. Even though I tested clear I am well aware that gene testing is at it's beginning and there may be something else that we don't know about. So I'm staying on top of it.