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Birad3 is now amended to Birad 4A


My diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound was amended to Birad 4A this morning from a Birad 3. Has anyone had this happen? Does anyone know the reasoning behind it? I feel like these numbers are just being thrown around like a calling out bingo numbers.

Back story, I discussed with the NP that I see after my Birad 3 results that I didn't feel comfortable waiting 6 months for another diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound and asked if there was some kind of bloodwork or other imaging test that we could do. She said that she'd send a note to a different radiologist about a biopsy. That radiologist said yeah we can do a biopsy.

Still trying to get the biopsy scheduled! They didn't have my paperwork yet when I finally got a hold of someone. This is nerve racking! Thank goodness there is this forum!


  • exbrnxgrl
    exbrnxgrl Member Posts: 4,749

    Sorry that you find yourself in this position. My understanding is that insurance will generally not cover a biopsy on a birads 3. This may be why the birads was changed, i.e. so insurance will cover the biopsy. Imaging alone, regardless of type of imaging, cannot diagnosis breast cancer nor can any type of blood work.
    I hope a biopsy can be scheduled soon, as yes, it is nerve wracking! In the unlikely event that it is bc (the odds are in your favor that it is not) waiting on tests will not endanger you as bc is generally slow growing. Take care