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Zoladex and Letrozole age 55 hysterectomy age 38 don’t know if I need the Zoladex?!


how can I tell when I can stop the Zoladex? I haven’t had period since 2005. I didn’t want surgery again as I had terrible adhesions after my hysterectomy. Anyone else in similar situation?


  • elainetherese
    elainetherese Member Posts: 1,627


    I did Zoladex + Aromasin for 8 years and stopped because the Breast Cancer Index test said that I wouldn't receive any additional benefit from hormonal therapy. I was 47 when I started and 55 when I finished. From time to time, my MO would have me do a Zoladex vacation to check my estrogen levels. Even though I last had a period in 2014, my ovaries were still producing a lot of estrogen so I never did the Aromasin without the Zoladex (except for those vacation months). Good luck!