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Has anyone started Veozah to manage AI induced hot flashes? Had my well woman visit today and my GYN recommended it.



  • recoveringbelle
    recoveringbelle Member Posts: 22

    Ditto. Ob/gyn just recommended it . . . looking forward to learning about its efficacy, side effects, etc. Does anyone understand its mechanism of action and if so could you explain it at an 8th grade level? ;-) I already take Gabapentin to help w/ dysuatonomia, which includes vasomotor symptoms, so I wonder how it differs.

    My hope is that whatever it does that helps can also contribute to other estrogen-reduction symptoms. I'm about to be prescribed HT and I seriously doubt I'll be able to make it. This drug could be good news for us and to help reduce all of those HRT-related lobular tumors suffered by middle-aged women simply trying to keep functioning according to 21st century expectations.

  • spades2525
    spades2525 Member Posts: 47

    @amyiv @recoveringbelle Did either of you end up trying this medication? I was also diagnosed with hormone receptor positive lobular cancer in June 2021 and am taking both gabapentin and venlofaxine to try to manage my hot flashes. But I still get get them all day long!

  • bighubs
    bighubs Member Posts: 25

    I don't know if it's available for non-stage IV patients, but my wife's oncologist recently prescribed Cymbalta (duloxetine) for her endocrine therapy induced menopause symptoms including hot flashes and joint pain. It has worked wonders for her. Hot flashes went away almost immediately, and most join pain (except for her hands) also went away. She uses voltaren gel on her hands for the joint paint there. I haven't seen many people mention using this drug for these adverse side effects, so maybe it isn't well known in this application, but might be worth talking to your doctor about.

  • smiling_brenda
    smiling_brenda Member Posts: 24

    Hi, I started taking Veozah about a month ago and it is working very well. I had been on ovarian suppression plus AI and in the past took Effexor but I find Veozah to be much more effective. For what its worth!

    I did have to jump through a few hoops to get it covered by insurance, but ultimately it was covered.

  • gardengurl
    gardengurl Member Posts: 23
    edited November 2023

    I have wicked hot flashes and night sweats. Prescribed gabapentin 300 mg at bedtime but wnen I use it my husband said I snore heavily and are experiencing oxygen level dips according to my Fitbit. I contacted my oncologist at MSK and requested Veozah. The nurse said they are currently not prescribing because there is not enough research on it. Seriously thinking about stopping my tamoxifen and switching oncologists anyone else in the same boat?